Website Design: 5 Choices To Think About

This article offers the reader useful information about the various types of websites, with the aim of educating the reader.

If you are a budding young entrepreneur, web design is an important aspect of any enterprise you might launch and there are quite a few different types of websites. In order to help you gain an insight into web design, here are the most common types of digital platforms that you can find on the Internet.


Blogging Platform


WordPress is the number one web-building app for a blogging website and with literally thousands of design templates, you are spoilt for choice. SEO agencies post content on the top blogging platforms and the site owner can generate a good income from hosting links for SEO agencies. You might simply want to blog and while you could easily build a site, using a web designer ensures a great platform.


Shopping Cart Website


The e-commerce platform enables online transactions and would therefore need to be secure. There are several decent web-building programs, with Magento being the most popular. You will need a valid SSL Certificate if money is changing hands, something a web design company such as can arrange, plus you need to create several payment gateways – credit card, PayPal and even Bitcoin should be present, giving customers payment options.


Information Website


Wikipedia is a classic example of an information website, where users can edit and add content, which is then approved by the admin and published. Many people create websites about their chosen hobby, which is a valuable resource for enthusiasts and designs are basic, enabling text, imagery, and video. Online magazines are a great example of info websites and we all have a few bookmarked in our browser.


Portfolio Website

Image Source: Unsplash

Photographers, videographers, and artists all need a platform to present their work, which would be designed and built by a professional web designer. It goes without saying that such a platform needs to be A+, with high-resolution images and 4k video. This is a very powerful marketing tool and with some digital marketing to drive interested parties to the platform, you can expect to enjoy a level of success. Google the name of a famous photographer and visit their website to see a fine example of a portfolio website.


Business Website


Most businesses have a website, which introduces the organisation, its products or services, and the people behind it. The homepage would be the landing page and from there, site visitors can access a series of menus and submenus to find what they are looking for. This is typically a project for a web design firm, who offers a one-stop solution that covers site security and administration.


Whatever your website needs, your local web design company has all the solutions and will be a valuable ally in your quest for success. Even if you have no firm design idea in mind, talk to a web designer and see what they come up with. Take your time with the design stage and with the help of an expert, you will soon have the perfect website.

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