PHP Framework & PHP Web Applications 101

Web development is an ongoing process, as is the Internet, which will shortly spawn the Internet of Things (IoT). PHP frameworks evolved due to the need of faster, more responsive web solutions. PHP is a server language that enables web developers to create rich designs and high-resolution content; indeed, PHP is used by the majority of websites and with a solid PHP framework, you can build over time.

What Is A PHP Framework?

A PHP framework is a basic platform that allows us to develop web applications. It provides us with a structure of folders and files that we can use as a starting point for our projects. It also comes with a set of tools and libraries that we can use to speed up the development process. There are many different PHP frameworks available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Open Source Software

PHP framework applications are usually open source, which encourages user collaboration to make improvements. Talk to the WebBox Cardiff Symfony developers if you have a web project in mind, or look for developers close to your area through a quick online search. These experts can help you create something special and they use a range of PHP framework applications to achieve the desired result. Open source empowers developers to improve the platform and this results in constant tweaks as well as improvements to an already good framework.

Fast Script Performance

PHP scripts execute much faster than JSP and ASP, which means a more responsive platform; this is important with heavy data flow. Not only that, the PHP platform is fully compatible with all OS, there are different versions for each. If you are looking to design a website or web application that must deal with heavy traffic, fast script execution is a must.

Ongoing Development

If we rewind to 1995, we see the arrival of PHP/FI and with ongoing development, we were using PHP 7 in 2015, while Symfony rules in 2022. Symfony has many great features and it enables the developer to build complex platforms and applications with time-saving processes that keep development costs down. The current frameworks include Laravel and Symfony, which are similar but with distinct differences.

Choosing The Right PHP Framework

Every framework has its pluses and minuses and in order to make the right choice, here are some questions to ask:

  • What components do you want?
  • Do you achieve your goal with this framework?
  • Is there active PHP support?
  • How scalable is the framework?

The answers to questions such as these will help you to choose the right framework, which might be Laravel or Symfony.

Top Security

Of course, you want your web platform to be secure and when you enlist the services of a leading web development agency, you have access to a team of dedicated professionals who know how to get the best out of the many platforms they use. Web security is more important than ever, as hackers devise new ways to attack websites and steal data, which is why you need professionals on the job.

Sourcing A Web Developer

Of course, your choice of web developer is critical and a Google search is the best place to start. Before making contact, take a look at the agency’s client list, which is a good indication of the circles they move in. Have an informal Zoom call with one of their developers and see where that leads. If you get a good feeling, explore some more.

Reputation is everything in this sector and a successful web development agency should be able to furnish you with some great testimonials.

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