Spot To Process

This poster was made from paint swatch samples collected while determining the interior color palette for my house. The concept involves the color transformation from solid paint swatches, to a visually similar representation that uses the CMYK process.

The primary letterforms were produced by posing and photographing a discarded / headless plastic doll. Layering and movement have been created with lighting, shadows and transparencies. The graphic braille letters spell “play” — a reference to both the function of the toy, and the posing that went into creating the final poster art.

0. 7 7 3 4
In doing research, I found that the average 8-digit calculator is capable of making over 300 different English language words. I wanted to keep this work simple, universal, and even a bit juvenile; so I opted to use hello and giggles as my primary typography. One is placed upside-down and one right-reading, so that the work may be hung in either direction.

Before Sans Had A Name
This poster is a typographical satire that references Olde English “800” malt liquor. Old English, in typographic terms, is another name for Blackletter. In using the Blackletter face Gotisch, I have designed this convenient traveling beverage bag, which is not only stylish, but will certainly give the Po Po reasonable doubt.

Bringin’ The Heat
Although the typeface Mesquite Std. has been in my library for years, there has never been an appropriate project use for it. The style is overtly masculine / Western, so I figured what better context to feature the face, than a label design for packaged meat. To vegans and vegetarians everywhere, I apologize.

Modern (No. 20) Design
This poster is meant to reference the clean look of modern design, while also utilizing the Modern serif typeface, Modern No. 20. The chair is a molded plastic design from the 1970s, with the “Modern” type drawn and painted onto it by hand.

Fine Print
Created as a response to commercials and corporate advertisements that integrate legal disclaimers, often in small, illegibly condensed type, as a method of minimizing pertinent information that needs to be legally communicated to its consumer-base.

Novel Re-Design
This poster is a Modernist response to Nouveau-inspired book cover design.

Foiled Wit
For this poster, the typographic layout was hand-cut to create an embossing plate, which was then pressed into a sheet of foil. The text is from the William Congreve quote, “Wit must be foiled by wit : cut a diamond with a diamond.”