This site

As version 3.0 of the studiotwentysix2 site, I wanted to use this opportunity to improve upon the earlier versions in a few different aspects. First, larger images — I felt it was important to show the
work in as much detail as possible, especially for the complex projects. Second, a complete overview of work — while the work available on this site is only a fraction of the whole, it adequately represents the styles and mediums that I explore on a regular basis. It is difficult at times to successfully integrate art and design into a single venue, but I have moved beyond the “what is art or design” argument, into simply creating work that I find interesting, if you can’t appreciate that,
then so be it. Third, I wanted to include a lot more writing and opinion, without the aid of images. Aside from project descriptions, I have kept the written portions of this site free from the distraction of visual
aides. I don’t want the reader to skim or become unnecessarily distracted from the written word.

With that being stated, please enjoy your visit. Feedback or questions about the work and writings contained on this site are always welcome.