Series 04 Selected typographic works that explore concepts, materials and education.

An experimental iPad lettering project — I have become increasingly interested in exploring the possibilities of lettering via tablet apps. Though many of the applications were not created for this intended use, it is worthwhile to explore these newly emerging technological capabilities. The primary lettering for this digital poster was developed, then hand drawn, using the app Magic Paint Ultimate.
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Through The Mind
My cousin, a librarian in Boston, mailed me a used typewriter ribbon containing seven years of library notation. Inspired by the seemingly random words and numerals, it reminded me of a stream of consciousness exercise. The ribbon was positioned to envelope a lighted screen — meant to be viewed as a contrast between technological advancement and historically recent methods of thought recording.

I was attracted to the authentic wear on this 72 pt. metal type. This poster is an ode to the longevity and reusability of movable type. It also offered a nice educational opportunity to mention the historical standards for metal type sizes, while also stating the U.S. ‘type high’ measurement of 0.918 inches.

Fixed Pitch
Created decidedly lo-fi, this poster highlights fixed pitch (or Monospaced) letterforms. Used primarily for coding, numerical tabulation and aligned stacking, fixed pitch is a typographic anomaly wherein the type becomes increasingly less effective when kerned or word spaced.

Inspired by the Dante Alighieri quote, ‘consider your origins: you were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge.’ The typographic execution is overtly feminine and the primary word grouping (though rotated 270°) was created to resemble a womb.

This poster showcases a collection of interesting glyphs selected from a variety of type styles. Normally, I hide or minimize the lighting source, but in this case, I liked the artificial look of it — as it brings thoughts of both authentic and manipulated. This piece also represents my first integration of laser cut materials, a technique that may frequent my future work.

Hello, Lust
An experimental iPad lettering project — created by index finger, using the light drawing application Lume.
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Sweepin’ Down The Plain
As a new resident of Oklahoma, it was heartbreaking to see the catastrophic tornado destruction sustained by the city of Moore. For every print purchased, a donation will be made to the Moore Public Schools Relief Fund, Feed The Children or the United Way of Central Oklahoma.
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