Information Design Selected information research and graphics.

Student Debt
This graphic compares the average student debt carried by 2009 graduating students of U.S. four-year universities and colleges. The base research was gathered and released by The Project on Student Debt.
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National Colors
This graphic shows the color palettes associated with the world’s most populated nations. National colors are typically those contained on a country’s flag, or those used in national or international sporting events.

Hobo Signs
This graphic recreates 48 Depression era symbols. These signs were used as effective communication tools by hobos during their travels.

Marathon Course Elevations
This graphic compares the elevation profiles for five of the largest and most prestigious marathons in the world: Boston, New York City, Chicago, London and Berlin.

100 Unpopular Names
This graphic focuses on 100 uniquely “unpopular” names as collected by Astro Data Services — a campaign and voter information service database. The unpopular names have been categorized by letter length and alphabetized accordingly. Note: There just aren’t enough Suphachad’s or Nattapong’s running around these days.
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Cedar Point Classics
Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio is primarily known for its collection of thrill rides and roller coasters. This graphic however, focuses on twelve of the time-tested classics of the park’s historical heritage. Note: Yours truly was an airbrush artist at Cedar Point for three summers during the Mid-1990s.