Insight into the Bottled Food series
The Bottled Food series was conceived upon seeing commercials for Campbell’s Soup at Hand — soup that is meant to be eaten directly from its container. This product got me thinking about convenience and laziness; as a society, has it come to the point where even making a cup of soup is so complex that we need an easier alternative? I also began to think about traditional packaging and what, as a consumer, I expect certain packages to look like.

This series is not an attack on consumerism or the companies represented; in fact, I find these products interesting. The bottles are meant to get the viewer to engage with everyday products, and view them in a different manner than they might in a grocery store setting.

The bottle labels are made directly from the original purchased products. There has been no photo manipulation. The original packages were simply cut out and rearranged to work on a glass bottle format.

Sadly, photographs are all that remain of the bottled food sculptures as some of the products do not age well over time.